Everything for your WEB

Are you looking for cheap, fast and stable hosting without limits, where you don't have to worry about anything? We will arrange everything for you from the domain to web operation. We will also help with the operation and optimization of your web, application or e-shop.


VPS / VDS hosting

We offer VPS virtual servers suitable for Docker, single or multihosting with or without management for one of the best prices on the market. Activation of servers within a minute. Any operating system. Possibility of encryption at the hardware level.


Server hosting & housing

Are you starting and need a cheap server or do you need quality facilities for your projects? In both cases, you are completely right with us! We will design the right one for your project. From cheap servers to entire clusters, such as Docker swarm.

Why us?

7 reasons to come to us


We are the cheapest

Thanks to various discount coupons and other promotions, you can purchase our services for a quarter of the regular price. In addition, we are a small company with its own infrastructure, which allows us to offer our services worldwide at amazing prices. The main reason for the low price is the fact that you do not pay any additional services in it. With us, you have complete freedom to choose what you need. For demanding projects, we use the services of data centers around the world.


We are transparent

With us, you really only pay for what you really need. We do not bind you with a contract. You can suspend or cancel our services at any time without any penalty. You can choose only what you really need. We always announce planned work and outages in good time. Our Looking Glass.


We care

We take good care of our infrastructure. We monitor technical parameters from several locations. We also monitor the quality of connections to the world. Our team has over 20 years of experience in building and operating various solutions. We always try to prevent problems.


We will also give you something extra

For every service, be it domain, VPS, server hosting or Internet connection, you will receive web hosting with free mail from us. Thanks to our DNS servers, you have access to more content than the competition. We will make available to you websites and other services that you would not normally get to. We may also restrict third-party advertising. We provide DNS services free of charge.


Without limits

We do not limit our customers with any rules or the volume of downloaded data. We do not apply any filters or block content or destinations. We do not limit transferred data. The owner (customer) is always responsible for the content, so we recommend complying with the laws of the Czech Republic.



To order our services, you only need a valid email address. We are not actively looking for information or we will not want to fill out extensive forms for you. We fully support payments using the most used cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and others).


And some fun

We operate and run various services for free, such as Tyo.cz. You can, for example, play tetris from your web browser, you can download other games completely free of charge here and you can also play them on our servers.


All prices are without the current VAT rate.

The 3-18% discount is applied automatically when filling out the order form based on the selection of the payment period.

Additional discounts can be obtained from various promotions in the form of discount coupons (eg Akce50) or individually with a larger purchase of services and good payment morale.

FinalTek.com - FinalHosting.cz Reviews


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I am happy to tell you that you've passed all of our tests with great
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