Server hosting

Server rental from $18

✔ IPv4 + IPv6 /64 + PTR
✔ standard uplink 1Gbit/sec
✔ any operating system
✔ custom HW configuration
✔ unlimited data, port 25
✔ optional additional services (management, security, backups, monitoring, ...)

VPS/VDS hosting

Virtual servers from $3

✔ SSD servers w/KVM virt.
✔ full root / Administrator
✔ any operating system
✔ modern web. interface
✔ automatic backups
✔ unlimited data, port 25
✔ full VNC access to HW
✔ optional full SSD encryption


for free or $0,7 per month

✔ full hosting services
✔ over 1k 1click PHP applications
✔ automatic SSL/TLS 1.3
✔ choice PHP 5.6, 7.4, 8.0-8.3
✔ automatic backups & updates
✔ unlimited data, anti-DoS
✔ installation & backup manager
✔ WordPress Manager

Abous us

Our company focuses mainly on low-cost IT and Internet services.Thanks to our own facilities, modern technologies and over 20 years of experience, we are able to offer our services at the best prices on the market while maintaining the smallest possible ecological footprint. With the help of our partners we can satisfy even the most demanding requirements. We also use the services of state-of-the-art datacenters around the world.

Hosting services

We offer rental of special dedicated servers. The EDS range is designed for minimum ecological and economic burden. We created the EDS series as an ideal solution for start-up, small to medium projects. It allows you to run any OS and run VMs and Docker containers.
Je plně konfigurovatelná:
✔ CPU Intel 64bit AES-NI VT
✔ 8/16/32 GB RAM
✔ 250G - 2x 2TB SSD NVMe storage

VPS / VDS servers

We offer two types of VMs on our own infrastructure. The V-Server series is a regular VPS hosting with full root access and immediate installation of selected OSes. The VDS series offers dedicated virtual server rentals, especially suitable for more demanding projects. Both series include many features including the ability to install your own OS from an ISO image.

Domains and Web Hosting

Our professional web hosting not only offers a home for your projects, but it also includes features you won't find with our competitors. Automatic updates and backups. You have over a thousand PHP applications to choose from for installation in just a few clicks. We also offer registration and management of the widest range of domain names. We provide basic web hosting with any other service (domain, VPS hosting, etc.) for free! The latest version of PHP 5.6, 7 and 8 is always available.

Other projects

Some of our other services and projects...

Internet conectivity

In the north of Prague, in the territory of the Mratínský potok micro-region, we operate as a local ISP - provider of Internet access for companies and households. We offer both regular Internet connection up to 2.5Gbps capacity and dedicated backbone connections for companies. For more information, please visit

Design and realisation of networks

We design and implement computer LANs incl. WiFi for companies and households. We provide comprehensive services, from consultation through design to implementation and subsequent maintenance.


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